The Canadian Journal of Mineralogy and Petrology (CJMP) - Thematic Issue in honour of Jim Franklin

Dear Friends, students and colleagues of the Jim Franklin:

It has been a while since Jim retired as Chief Geoscientist at the Geological Survey of Canada and he continues as a consultant and principal for a number of companies.  Jim influenced so very many, near and wide, with his ideas on the formation of massive sulfide and many other ore deposit types, his dedication to the earth sciences covers the gamut of mentoring, researching, managing and outreach. To recognize the impact he has had and continues to have on our science, a special issue of The Canadian Journal of Mineralogy and Petrology (CJMP); formerly The Canadian Mineralogist is being developed in his honour.  We personally invite you to be part of this initiative and to consider submitting a paper to this very special issue.

Jim has always had a passion for ore deposits research and it is our intention to formulate a special issue around this theme.  He also delved into many aspects of ore deposits, ranging from their geochemistry, mineralogy, geological setting, isotopic signatures, etc. so a contribution that falls into any of one these related areas would be welcomed.  Our goal is to showcase research that highlights Jim’s long-term contributions.

The plan right now is to have contributions submitted by March, 2024, followed by reviews being conducted shortly thereafter.  This would provide ample time to assemble those contributions accepted for publication into a special issue, which would be published later in 2024.  The Canadian Journal of Mineralogy and Petrology is entirely digital, and thus there will be no strict guidelines as to how many papers may be included in an issue.  Another goal that we are working on is to be able to provide partial or complete open access for the articles published in this issue. Having this special issue formulated in an open access basis, available to the entire world, would be an incredible way to honour Jim.

Thanks for your consideration and we look forward to a positive response.  If you are interested in providing a submission, please send an email to one of the names below with an idea what your paper will involve.  If you are unable to contribute, you may be willing to serve as a reviewer for the contributions received and we would equally welcome hearing from you.

With sincere regards,

Dan Marshall (Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, Canada):

Steve Piercey (Memorial University, St Johns, Canada):

‘Lyn Anglin (Imperial Metals, Vancouver, Canada)

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