2024 Institutional Subscription Electronic Access

2024 Institutional Subscription Electronic Access

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What is included with institutional subscriptions?

- Electronic access (site license category* ) to our journal

- Electronic access to back files from 2000 in html and PDF format plus files from 1957 (volume 6) to 1999 (volume 37) in PDF format only

- A subscription to Elements – An International Magazine of Mineralogy, Geochemistry and Petrology (published bi-monthly) mailed to you as well as online access through IP recognition

Elements is co-published by forteen societies. Subscribers to the following Society journals: American Mineralogist, Clay Minerals, Clays and Clay Minerals, MINABS Online, Mineralogical Magazine, The Canadian Mineralogist will receive one subscription to Elements. As the subscription cost is shared among societies, we strive to eliminate duplication as much as possible. Hence a subscriber receiving several of these journals might get only one issue of Elements.

* A site license (authorized site) is a contiguous campus community or building that is located within the same city and reporting to the same administrative body. Within a multi-company complex or building, each company is considered a separate site

Other Details...

Institutional subscribers will be provided with campus-wide (see site license regulation above) electronic access through IP recognition. Access to IP ranges on file will be carried over upon renewal.

The Journal publishes articles submitted in English or French.

An index is included free of charge in the December issue.

No special rates for two- or three-year subscriptions are available.

Subscriptions are for a calendar year (6 issues) and cancellations are effective only at the end of the calendar year.

Retroactive subscriptions are available based on back issues availability.

Claims for non-receipt of issues of Elements are honoured within one year of the mailing date and subject to availability.

Claims after this date will be charged at current rate.

List of our Back Issues and a listing of other MAC publications are available in our bookstore or by request to the business office.

Back files are available to all online subscribers and will remain in effect to the end of the last year subscribed.

Plenty of new features are now available, such as full-text available in html or PDF format, improved search features, archived PDF files from issue no 6 (1957) to issue 37 (1999) and much more.

Our journal online can be accessed at GeoScienceWorld.

All requests or enquiries regarding electronic access to the Journal should be forwarded to

Elements Magazine Subscription: Select an option below to let us know if you would like online access only, or if you would also like a printed copy sent to you at no extra cost.
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Thank you for your support!

Your subscription supports the Canadian mineralogical community, our society-run journal, and the maintenance of our non-profit organization.