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The Canadian Mineralogist

Mont Saint-Hilaire: History, Geology, Mineralogy

Mont Saint-Hilaire: History, Geology, Mineralogy

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Special Publication Volume 14

By László Horváth, Robert A. Gault, Elsa Pfenninger-Horváth & Glenn Poirier

Taking over 20 years of meticulous preparation, László and Elsa Horváth, a duo of dedicated and dynamic amateur mineralogists, along with two researchers, Robert Gault, a mineralogist, and Glenn Poirier, a geologist, have produced the ultimate book “Mont Saint-Hilaire: History, Geology, Mineralogy”.

Hardcover. 644 pages. 2019.

ISBN: 978-0-921294-61-0

This publication is currently sold out. A new edition should be available in 2023. 

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