Journal Name Change: The Canadian Journal of Mineralogy and Petrology

Starting with the January 2023 volume, our Journal Name will change from ‘The Canadian Mineralogist’ to ‘The Canadian Journal of Mineralogy and Petrology’.

The name change had been recommended by our editors to better reflect the breadth of the journal (petrology, crystal chemistry, ore deposits, applied mineralogy). A motion to approve the name change was submitted to an online vote by our Council Members and has been carried.

The numbering will continue from the last issue published under the former name; the first issue published under the new name will be numbered, Volume 61, Number 1, January 2023.

An application for a new ISSN will be processed shortly and to ensure continuation of our Journal Web of Science Indexing and publishing of our Impact Factor in the Journal Citation Reports, Clarivate will be notified of the name change which will trigger for a new record to be created for the new title.  The coverage of the new title will be reviewed to ensure that indexing remains appropriate.  At minimum, they will ensure that category assignments and product assignments are accurate to the scope of the new title; a full editorial evaluation will be performed if required. The new title will remain in coverage during the course of the review or editorial evaluation.

Crossref DOI Identifier Referencing, allowing citation linking using Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) will not be affected by this change of our journal title or ISSN - we'll be able to continue registering DOIs for the updated title.  The registration of our first DOI for the new title (with the new ISSN) will create a new title record for the journal. The prefix is the publisher membership number and will remain consistent for all publications. The only change will be the ‘canmin’ wording which will no longer be used in our DOI suffixes for the new title.

Geoscience World (GSW), where our Journal is hosted, is in the process of creating a new page for the Journal, under the new title.  Their will be a clear and complete bibliographic reference form presented in all locations within the new title. They will keep listing both titles and putting notes on each one that explains the name change and links to the two. The archive will remain under the previous title and the new issues going forward will appear under the new title. Of course, all the content would be available in search, etc.

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