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The Canadian Mineralogist

A Tribute to Joseph V. Smith (1928-2007)

A Tribute to Joseph V. Smith (1928-2007)

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A Tribute to Joseph V. Smith (1928-2007) – The Canadian Mineralogist Vol. 46, part 6

Editors: R.J. Angel; I. Parsons; R.F. Martin

This issue is a tribute to Joseph V. Smith, an exceptionally gifted and socially enlightened scientist who was not hesitant to “probe with a sharp scalpel”, to use his expression, the secrets of feldspars, feldspathoids, pyroxenes, zeolites, and many other important groups of minerals. The papers presented here cover themes close to Joe’s interests on many levels.

Softcover. 262 pages. 2008.

ISBN: 0008-4476
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